2 Replies to “Municipal Energy Usage for Calendar Year 2019”

  1. Texas is a deregulated state. Does Howe utilize any of the companies to pre-buy utilities and reduce cost? Unable to determine this based on the data provided.

    Thank you

    1. The City of Howe belongs to an aggregate called Texas Cities for Affordable Power (TCAP). Using the economies of scale, TCAP was able to contract for electricity for the member cities at a lower rate than individual cities could on the open market. TCAP seeks bids from numerous providers to continuously provide member cities with the lowest cost possible. Last calendar year our rate was $0.11 kWh and is expected to be reduced to $ 0.8 kWh in the calendar year 2020. These fee include the cost of electricity, delivery fees, and all other ancillary fees associated with the production and purchase of electricity.

      If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact;

      Joe Shephard
      City Administrator
      Howe, TX
      903 532 55781

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