To the citizens of Howe,

The City of Sherman will NOT cancel the existing Wastewater Treatment Agreement with Howe and the City of Howe is not delinquent in its payments to Sherman for treating the city’s wastewater and sewage. This is not speculation, rumor, or innuendo, but information straight from the leadership of the City of Sherman.

On April 20 at around 3:30 p.m., I spoke with Sherman Mayor David Plyler regarding our cities’ ongoing relationship. The focus of our conversation was the status of Howe’s Wastewater Treatment Agreement through which we pay Sherman to handle Howe’s
wastewater and sewage needs.

Mayor Plyler, who consulted with Sherman City Manager Robby Hefton prior to our conversation, verified to me that Howe is current in its payments to the City of Sherman and there is no outstanding debt.

According to Mayor Plyler, there is not, nor has there been, any recent or ongoing discussions to terminate the agreement and stop serving Howe’s sewage and wastewater needs. Any statements to the contrary are rumor and misinformation.

Howe’s relationship with Sherman is not only strong, but thriving, and I look forward to working with our neighbor to the north as Howe continues to grow in a responsible manner.

I hope this information eases any fears or concerns held by the citizens of Howe about our city’s relationship with Sherman. It is unfortunate that candidates are using this issue to create fear among our citizens to support their own political agenda.

Bill French
Mayor City of Howe Texas

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