Forms, Ordinances, Maps, Permits


Accessory Building Permit Information

City Water Service Agreement

Commercial Permit Information / Requirements

Fence / Retaining Wall Information

Irrigation Checklist

Residential Remodel Information

Residential Swimming Pool Checklist

Residential Swimming Pool Information

Utility Service Application


Building Permit App – Commercial

Building Permit App – Residential

Irrigation Permit Application


City of Howe Zoning Ordinance

Irrigation Ordinance

Ordinance No. 613 – Signage

Ordinance No. 728 – Animal Control

Ordinance No. 758 – Noise Control and Construction

Ordinance No. 759 – Carports

Ordinance No. 768 – Property Code Maintenance

Ordinance No. 769 – Residential Dwelling Inspections

Ordinance No. 770 – Tap Fees & Procedures


City Map

Howe Sewer Map

Howe Water Map

Howe Zoning Map