Damage Assessments from Individuals with Property Losses in Grayson County Needed

Judge Magers and I are joining Governor Greg Abbott and the Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) in encouraging Grayson County residents with property damage  to complete the Self Reporting Damage Survey referenced below.

This will help the state identify damages across Texas and help emergency management officials gain an understanding of damages that occurred during the recent winter weather. This data is also needed to provide information to FEMA and highlight the need for federal disaster assistance for individuals.

The voluntary survey, available in both English and Spanish, can be accessed by visiting:


Reporting damage to the Texas Division of Emergency Management is a voluntary activity, is not a substitute for reporting damage to an insurance agency, and does not guarantee disaster relief assistance.

Please forward this email notice far and wide in Grayson County or to anyone with property losses in Texas.

Thank you for all you, your organizations and families are doing to help Grayson County and each other.


Sarah Somers

Director, Grayson County OEM

Office of Emergency Management